Substation for Rocket Motor Facility

For this project, PSE designed a 44 kV/4160 V substation to provide power to a new rocket motor facility at a plant in northern Utah. PSE also designed the 4160 V power transmission line from the substation to the plant, power delivery to the new buildings, and a generator backup power system to prevent power outages for vital operations in the new facility.

Multidiscipline consulting services used:

Electrical Engineering:

  • Modifications to Utah Power’s 44 kV metering structure
  • Addition to plant switchyard
  • Overland transmission lines traversing three miles of rough terrain
  • Dual transformer substation design
  • Secondary switchgear design
  • 4160 V underground power distribution to eight buildings
  • Generator backup power system

Structural Engineering:

  • Structural supports for substation equipment

Civil/Environmental Engineering:

  • Foundations for substation equipment

Construction Phase:

  • Procurement/equipment requisitions
  • Construction management