Power Plant Improvement

PSE provided engineering services on a project that involved upgrading the existing coal handling system from a manually operated system to a new, fully automated control system. The new automated system allows distribution of coal from three temporary storage piles, through ten possible user-selected paths, to eleven storage silos in four different locations. The improvements resulted in a reduction of both system downtime and dedicated support staff for the facility. PSE also provided complete DCS modernization for the automated operation of Turbines 3 and 4.

Multidiscipline consulting services used:

Process Engineering:

  • Coal handling process redesign

Controls Engineering:

  • DCS modernization for Turbines 3 and 4
  • Implementation of coal storage DCS with:
    • Two Allen-Bradley SLC Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
    • Eleven Milltronics ultrasonic material level sensors
    • PLC communication through Data Highway Plus
    • Two color RSView operator interfaces
    • Three-bay PLC panel and outdoor remote I/O panel