Map Project

A Molybdenum Autoclave Plant was a large brown field facility to upgrade molybdenum concentrate (molybdenum sulfide) into chemical and technical grade molybdenum using a proprietary autoclave process. The project started detailed engineering in early 2010 but then needed additional support. PSE was invited to supply needed support. PSE provided the Mechanical Manager for the project and many others.  PSE was requested to remain to completion.


  • Scope, schedule, and budget for the detailed mechanical design effort
  • Specifications, bid review and vendor document reviews for 750 plus capital equipment items
  • Client design reviews
  • HAZOP Meetings
  • Construction assistance
  • Inter-disciplinary document reviews
  • General Arrangements, mechanical design drawings, interfacing and support of the structural,
  • On-site design/build support
  • Piping, and electrical disciplines