In-Capsule Hydrocarbon Recovery

In partnership with Red Leaf’s EcoShale subsidiary, PSE provided multi-discipline engineering services this grassroots R&D oil extraction process. PSE was involved in detailing methods for separating oil and fines, capturing vapors, flaring noncondensibles, separating water from oil, and implementing proper safety systems.


Process Engineering:

  • Collaborative process design based on client’s methodology

Controls Design:

  • Implementation of Siemens DCS
  • TIA Automation: Smart Transmitters, Smart MCC

Electrical Engineering:

  • Facility power distribution
  • Diesel generator specifications
  • Instrumentation design

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Piping and storage tank design
  • Heat transfer calculations
  • Design of burners, blowers, etc.

Structural Engineering:

  • Structural design of custom bulkhead assembly
  • Structural pipe support design

Civil/Environmental Engineering:

  • Containment for tank farm
  • Foundations for pre-engineered maintenance building
  • Equipment foundations

Construction Phase:

  • On-site construction management support
  • Startup and commissioning
  • Development of operator manuals, data sheets, etc.