Carbon County Coal Gasification

PSE detailed and provided engineering for a proprietary process proposed by Barnes and Click to drive natural gases from underground coal beds and prepare them for distribution. The facility was a pilot plant for the experimental process, which involved drilling to underground coal beds and burning the in-situ coal.


Process Engineering:

  • Detailed process design based on proprietary system
  • Implementation of PLC-based control system

Electrical Engineering:

  • Power generation design
  • Facility power distribution
  • Instrumentation design

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Piping design
  • Development of P&IDs
  • Process equipment design

Structural Engineering:

  • Structural design of facility buildings
  • Structural pipe support design
  • Skid drawings and design

Civil/Environmental Engineering:

  • Equipment foundations
  • Containment design

Construction Phase:

  • Equipment specifications
  • On-site construction management support
  • Startup and commissioning