PSE, now in its 25th year, has extensive experience engineering large capital and small capital projects for the heavy industry. PSE has focused on processing facilities and material transport to the processing facilities; providing comprehensive multi-discipline engineering and consulting solutions.

PSE’s expertise in pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, process engineering & design, mechanical engineering & design, civil/structural engineering & design, electrical engineering & design, controls & automation, procurement, installation, project management, construction management and commissioning enables us to handle any project requirement.

Our extensive chemicals and chemical processes experience includes:

  • Solvent process designs for metals and minerals extraction, refining and solvent recovery
  • Electro-winning process designs for recovery and of metals, minerals and chemicals
  • Carbon in Column chemical process designs for extraction and refining of precious metals
  • Chemical process designs for the production of solvents, detergents and other industrial and consumer products
  • Production of chemicals and chemical compounds used in manufacturing and industrial processes
  • Chemical process designs for water and wastewater treatment
  • Bench testing of specific materials to be used in a chemical process
  • Prototype design of chemical process systems to verify scale-up parameters
  • Process production design for final production system
  • Hazardous materials transportation and storage systems
  • Chemical process evaluations and safety studies (HAZOP participation)

Our Chemical Engineers have a wide range of experience in most chemical processes.
Precision Systems Engineering offers exceptional project management services. Our project managers and engineers have extensive experience in scope development, cost control, schedule compliance and resource management. They have a passion for providing quality products, services, and always promoting safety in every project phase.

Precision Systems Engineering understands the need for sustainability in all industries and environments. We use proven advanced technology to ensure that the work we provide in all facilities are cost efficient and meet or exceed environmental standards. We pride ourselves in providing tomorrows solutions today.

Our experience is based on finding solutions to real world problems which translates into systems and facilities operating with improved efficiency and safety.

  • Detergent Manufacturing Facilities
  • Gold Extraction and Refining Facilities
  • Copper Extraction and Refining Facilities
  • Titanium Sponge Production and Chlorine Recovery Facility
  • Microchip Manufacturing Facilities
  • EcoShale In-Capsule Hydrocarbon Recovery
  • Magnesium Production Facilities
  • Lithium Production Facility
  • Oil Extraction from Organic Produce and Waste