Copper Processing Facility Substation

PSE provided the engineering and primary protection design for this 10 MVA, 138 kV/13.8 kV substation to provide power to copper mining in Southeast Utah. PSE also designed the 13.8 kV power distribution to the entire SX/EW copper extraction facility. In addition, PSE refined the copper extraction process to meet the client’s operating standards, and upgraded existing, outdated control systems to state-of-the-art Modicon Quantum PLC systems.

Multidiscipline consulting services used:

Process Engineering:

  • Redesign of solvent extraction and electrowinning areas
  • Comprehensive survey of existing plant equipment
  • Design of new crushing areas

Controls Engineering:

  • Control building specifications
  • PLC installation and programming

Electrical Engineering:

  • 138 kV/13.8 kV (10 MVA) substation design
  • Grounding grid design
  • Tap-in to existing 138kV overland transmission lines
  • Metering package interface
  • Primary and secondary overhead distribution protection
  • 13.8 kV power distribution system design

Structural Engineering:

  • Foundations and supports at substation
  • Structural design for wood power distribution poles
  • Foundation for pre-fabricated control building

Construction Phase:

  • Equipment specifications and recommendations
  • Evaluation of equipment cost quotes
  • Startup and commissioning