Copper Mine 4160V – Power Distribution System

PSE provided the design and engineering to extend the existing 4160V power distribution system to a new 26-foot diameter vertical mine shaft, to support the new equipment and mining operations at the site. Included in the power demand was a 4,500 HP electrical hoist, which raises and lowers personnel, equipment, and machinery in and out of the mine shaft.

Multidiscipline consulting services used:

Electrical Engineering:

  • Feasibility study for new requirements to existing system
  • New power distribution circuit added to existing switchgear
  • 4160V/480V primary/secondary power distribution to facility
  • Switchgear, motor control wiring, lighting, etc.
  • Primary/secondary protection study
  • MCC design

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Modifications to mechanical cable trays

Structural Engineering:

  • Cable tray structural supports for wiring

Civil Engineering:

  • Cast-in-place duct bank design

Construction Phase:

  • Specifications for procurement
  • Evaluation of equipment drawings