Our Approach

As a consulting engineering firm, PSE wants to create greater value for its clients.  PSE is innovating and streamlining its work so that engineers, fabricators and contractors can work in sync with the same model and database.  By using 3D modeling and working hand in glove with fabricators and contractors, the process from design to installation can be shortened, errors can be reduced, and overall quality enhanced.

Imagine creating the concepts in a model in your first meeting, having that model produced per your ideas and requests, then seeing that model become the actual working model.  Finally, imagine seeing that model come to fruition as it is built. When all parties are able to work from the same model, the client wins.

PSE has a very experienced team and is large enough to handle substantive work, yet small enough to be responsive and flexible.  PSE is committed to meet the client’s needs and expectations.  We believe you will enjoy the PSE approach.