Precision Systems Engineering has over 20 years of experience in electric generation. We provide comprehensive multidiscipline engineering and consulting solutions. Precision Systems Engineering’s expertise in process, engineering, design, procurement, installation, construction management and commissioning enables us to handle projects of different sizes and complexity.
Our experience in Power Generation and Power Distribution includes:

  • Power Generation: Renewables, Steam Plant, Gas Turbine and Cogeneration, Material Handling, etc.
  • Power Distribution: Overhead and Underground Transmission, Substations, Electrical Systems Studies, Testing and Commissioning, Utility Controls and Automation, etc.

Precision Systems Engineering offers exceptional project management services. Our project managers and engineers have extensive experience in scope development, cost control, schedule compliance and resource management while always keeping an eye on quality and safety.

Precision Systems Engineering understands the need for sustainability in all industries and environments. We use proven advanced technology to ensure that the work we provide in all facilities are cost efficient and meet or exceed environmental standards. We pride ourselves in providing tomorrows solutions today.