PSE has over 20 years of experience engineering large capital and small capital projects for the heavy industry. PSE has focused on processing facilities and material transport to the processing facilities; providing comprehensive multi-discipline engineering and consulting solutions. PSE’s expertise in pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, process engineering & design, mechanical engineering & design, civil/structural engineering & design, electrical engineering & design, controls & automation, procurement, installation, project management, construction management and commissioning enables us to handle any project requirement.

Our extensive oil and gas experience includes:

  • Refinery design, debottlenecking, oil and gas recovery processes and synthetic fuels production, etc.
  • Pipeline and Piping
  • Gas compression, gas dehydration, underground gas storage, extraction of crude from oil shale, and coal gasification
  • Material handling, screening, conveying systems, air handling systems, dust collection, crushing, separating, storage facilities, rail, barge or truck load out stations
  • Power generation such as steam plant, gas turbine, cogeneration and renewables
  • Power distribution such as overhead and underground transmission, substations, electrical systems studies, testing and commissioning, utility controls and automation
  • Process controls systems, mass and heat transfer equipment, process scrubbers, filters, pump and hydraulic system designs, and reactor systems
  • Safety studies, HAZOPs and Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Facilitation
  • Water treatment new plant design as well as existing plant upgrades and expansions
  • Pumping stations, headworks, sedimentation, clarifiers, aeration, filtration, flotation, biological treatments, turbidity removal, flumes and basins, digestion and outfalls.

Precision Systems Engineering offers exceptional project management services. Our project managers and engineers have extensive experience in scope development, cost control, schedule compliance and resource management. They have a passion for providing quality products, services, and always promoting safety in every project phase.

Precision Systems Engineering understands the need for sustainability in all industries and environments. We use proven advanced technology to ensure that the work we provide in all facilities are cost efficient and meet or exceed environmental standards. We pride ourselves in providing tomorrows solutions today.

Our experience is based on finding solutions to real world problems which translates into systems and facilities operating with improved efficiency.