Pump Station Projects – Water Conservancy District

Precision Systems Engineering (PSE) provided engineering and detailed design for the Electrical, SCADA and HVAC systems for both the City of Bluffdale, Utah and the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District. These pump stations included

  • Multiple large horsepower pumps along with the necessary support functions.
  • The electrical system incorporated connection with the local utility, a backup diesel-powered generator, lights, outlets, heating, cooling, security, communications and 480V distribution (including VFDs).
  • The SCADA system included monitoring and control of the pump house equipment and remote equipment at the storage tank, security at both locations, camera monitoring of both sites, and communications with the respective corporate offices. Monitoring and control were provided via an Internet link from the city office along with remote access and alarm reporting after hours.
  • The HVAC system involved the heating and cooling of the building that housed the pumps.

PSE created the necessary documents (drawings, specifications & calculation sheets) to support the engineering and detailed design such that a qualified contractor could effectively install the requisite equipment.