Substation and Transmission Lines

PSE engineered the overland transmission line, 138 kV/13.8 kV (20 MVA) substation, and 13.8 kV power transmission grid. The project involved tapping into existing overland power transmission lines, designing new overland transmission lines to the substation site, and providing power distribution from the new substation to the facility.

Multidiscipline consulting services used:

Electrical Engineering:

  • Taps and transmission from main overland lines
  • Profile drawings for overland lines
  • 138 kV/13.8 kV (20MVA) substation design
  • Relay protection
  • Switchgear design
  • Grounding grid design
  • Single-line diagrams
  • Schematics and wiring diagrams

Structural Engineering:

  • “H” type transmission line supports
  • Dead end and taps pole designs
  • Substation structural support frames

Civil Engineering:

  • General arrangement (GA) drawings
  • Site grading and drainage analysis
  • Electrical equipment foundations

Construction Phase:

  • Hardware and equipment specification