Power Plant Improvements

PSE has provided engineering services for improvement projects at several power plants, including a complete DCS design and implementation, the replacement of an outdated MCC building with a new modular unit, and the placement of two new soda liquor storage tanks that doubled the plant’s storage capacity. The improvements were made while maintaining plant operation.
Multidiscipline consulting services used:

Process Engineering:

  • Process revisions and design

Controls Engineering:

  • Implementation of new DCS
  • Installation of new instrumentation and equipment

Electrical Engineering:

  • Heat trace control for soda liquor storage and piping

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Pumping system relocation
  • Installation of two new storage tanks
  • Piping and valve design

Structural Engineering:

  • Pipe rack design
  • Foundation design for new tanks

Civil/Environmental Engineering:

  • Site grading plans
  • Retaining wall design
  • Relocation of truck unloading station

Construction Phase:

  • Construction management