Waste and Wastewater Treatment

Precision Systems Engineering has over nineteen years of experience in water and wastewater processing facilities. We provide comprehensive multidiscipline engineering and consulting solutions. Precision Systems Engineering’s expertise in process, engineering, design, procurement, installation, construction management and commissioning enables us to handle your project requirements.
Our extensive Water and Wastewater experience includes:

  • Water treatment new plant design as well as existing plant upgrades and expansions.
  • Design of water distribution and pumping stations.
  • Process control.
  • Pumping stations, headworks, sedimentation, clarifiers, aeration, filtration, flotation, biological treatments, turbidity removal, flumes and basins, digestion and outfalls.
  • Hydraulic structures, mechanical systems, electrical and controls systems, SCADA, buildings and specialty structures.

Precision Systems Engineering offers exceptional project management services. Our project managers and engineers have extensive experience in scope development, cost control, schedule compliance and resource management. They have a passion for providing quality products, services and promoting safety with every project.

Following is a sampling of PSE projects: