According to the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey), it is estimated that about 607 million Mt (Metric tons) of all construction aggregates have been put through production and shipped off to the U.S. for consumption during the second quarter of this year (2015).   

The USGS has estimated that during the first half of 2015 about 994 Mt was produced for consumption.  Comparing that to the same half year in 2014, this is an increase of 5%.

Comparing with what was used or sold in the second quarter of last year (2014), construction aggregates produced for consumption are estimated to be decreased in 4 of the 9 geographic divisions measured in the second quarter of this year (2015).  Additionally, in twentyfour of the forty three states production for consumption actually increased.  The five states leading in this area are (in ascending order) Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, and Texas.

The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that about 360 Mt of crushed stone have been produced and have shipped throughout the United States for consumption during the second quarter of this year (2015).  This is an increase of 5% in comparison to last years second quarter.  The initial estimation for the first half of this year was 589 Mt.  So this year 6% more has been produced.