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Some people, being asked, “Paper or Plastic?” is a simple question of preference.  But for others it’s a matter of choosing for the sake of the environment.  Think about the choosing process you go through when deciding on a doctor, or a mechanic, or which bank you go to.  The decision is most likely chosen…

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According to the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey), it is estimated that about 607 million Mt (Metric tons) of all construction aggregates have been put through production and shipped off to the U.S. for consumption during the second quarter of this year (2015).    The USGS has estimated that during the first half of 2015 about…

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PSE is proud to celebrate it’s 25th Anniversary Year! PSE started in a basement and now 25 years later we are the largest home grown, full service, heavy industrial consulting sims freeplay hack no survey firm in Utah. Celebration news will follow!

Global Survey

Timetric’s MIC ( Mining Intelligence Center) recently did a survey of 630 managers of mines throughout the globe and found that there are more mines expecting an increase in South America during the next year, compared to other mining regions throughout the world.  Those surveyed were requested to lay out any spending changes that are…

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