Seismic Code Compliance:  In most jurisdictions, seismic code requirements extend beyond requirements for the structures themselves to non structural components such as piping, ductwork, and equipment.  Seismic bracing of these items is particularly important for public interest facilities, such as schools and hospitals, and facilities processing hazardous materials.


Non-Structural Component Bracing Services:  Precision Systems Engineering (PSE) specializes in seismic auditing and seismic bracing engineering and design of MEP and process piping and equipment anchorage for new construction as well as code retrofit projects.  Our onsite team works with contractors and code officials to help our clients attain compliance with pertinent codes such as the California SB-1953’s NPC requirements for Hospitals.


Our Team: PSE has a dedicated team of engineers and designers, who, for the past years have focused on the field of seismic bracing of architectural, mechanical, and electrical components in heavy and light industrial applications, as well as office buildings.  We have worked with and are familiar with a wide range of seismic bracing systems manufacturers and are, thus, able to adapt to and outperform in any environment.  Our relationship with ISAT – the foremost provider of seismic bracing components – gives us access to the right tools to cater firm solutions to the most complicated of situations.

Our Experience: The following is a sampling of clients, for whom we have completed seismic bracing projects:

  • IM Flash Technologies
  • Hoffman Construction
  • GSL Electric
  • Total Facilities Solutions
  • JB Henderson
  • Palmer Christiansen
  • and more

Familiarity with Seismic Codes:

  • IBC 2006 – Chapter 16, 17
  • ASCE 7-05 – Chapter 11, 12, 13, & 15
  • SMACNA – Seismic Restraint Manual
  • ASHRAE – TC: 2.7 Seismic and Wind Restraint Design
  • FEMA – Publication 4144


Cost:  A multitude of variables contributes to the overall cost of a seismic retrofit project.  We are committed to finding creative ways of minimizing the effects of variables we run across to save our client time and money.  Here is a brief list of items that negatively impact the cost, and subsequently the schedule, of a retrofit project:

  • Site congestion and access to pipe
  • Accessibility and integrity of structure to brace against
  • Availability of existing construction documents
  • Site access and protocol
  • Items above ceiling grids