Procurement Strategies Matter

PSE creates value-added opportunities for Clients and projects by implementing exceptional procurement strategies. PSE’s procurement team will determine the appropriate procurement methods and assist the project manager to develop individualized procurement schedules for key pieces of equipment.

PSE Procurement provides Clients with a single source for the development of specifications, preparation of purchase orders, review of the vendor engineering drawings, and expediting of equipment delivery, allowing the process to be streamlined from beginning to end.  Whether through Total Quality Methods, or through Supplier Optimization, PSE will source excellent vendors through seasoned, tried and tested, purchasing practices.

Integrating the supplier proposal and negotiation effort with purchase orders that contain enhanced contractual terms and conditions improves PSE’s contribution to each project.  Negotiation of favorable pricing is only the beginning.  PSE will also negotiate improved payment terms, better warranties, and Incoterms that are advantageous to all parties. PSE will expedite vendor design drawings and pursue accelerated delivery in order to best meet the project schedule.

PSE has many years of experience and has procured millions of dollars of equipment and subcontracts.  PSE can expedite your purchasing needs.