You begin your day with your project manager, reviewing all that has progressed so far in your current project.  After reviewing various options, you are ready to move on to phase two of your design.  

You then email other members of your design team and tell them about what was discussed with the PM, and let them know a new drawing will be available to them within a day or two.  

shutterstock_181375247Then you call your client, and give them a report on the progress of the project, and share with them information about the concept.  

Following this phone call, the rest of the morning is spent fleshing out the concept with sketches and calculations.  Many times you meet with the Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Operator to let them know what needs to be included into your drawings, and figure out a time when your drawing will be ready.  

After lunch you visit the site where your project is going to be constructed.  You meet with the Inspector and go over any new issues that may have come up since you last spoke, and if there are problems that must be addressed or changes that need to be made to your design.  

Heading back to the office you swing by City Hall and visit with the Engineer that reviews your design and the involved drawings.  You give them a heads up on when you expect to give them the drawings to review, and if that works within their schedule.  This is a good time to find out more information on what new projects the city is planning, and put into a good word for your firm to do the design work for their next project.  

When you return to the office, you update your Project Manager, check emails, and follow up with the CAD Operator and close for the day.